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When Henry met Alisa he fell in love with her on the first date! It was great mature woman with charming smile and mild disposition. And even her 20 years old daughter didn’t confuse him and Henry decided to marry Alisa.
Her young daughter studied at the university in Europe, so Henry saw her first right at wedding day. This young girl was really beautiful and sexy, she was absolutely like her mother, but much more younger, sweeter and prettier. Her name was Fiona.
And what was the surprise for newly-made husband, when his new step-daughter tried to seduce him with her luxurious teen body!

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Their first time sex was very passionate and wild, but it wasn’t their last time. Next day Henry took a camera and shot their taboo amateur incest orgy. Shooting excited Fiona and him so much, that Henry cummed on her pretty face after several seconds of this incest blowjob. But amateur dad daughter incest pics turned out brilliant. Henry was ready again after several minutes and they continued this taboo amateur sex, but now without a camera…

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